TLF Groups

Where two or three are gathered...


Free webspace for your group

These days the advantage of having a website for your group where you can communicate with your members is obvious.

Spread word about your group

By being part of the local fold other catholics in the area hear about your group

Free member blog

Private blog for members of your group included as a possibility for all groups

Access to TLF events

Your groups members enjoy access to TLF events, lectures and such.

Easy membership feature

Not all groups require a membership feature, but for those who do, it is provided for free.

Publish your events on local fold calendar

If you're group wants to piut on a larger event, the Local Fold website it a good place to advertise it

Pool resources with other local catholics and catholic groups

Participate in yearly member drives, charity events, intramural sports (I challenge any group to a soccer game with my bookclub!), etc.

Exchange ideas with other groups and group leaders

Two minds know more than one, and lots of minds are very wise indeed.

Easy collection of payments

(Coming soon.) Does your group have a membership fee? Or do you need to collect money for certain event (a trip to the museum, say)? Collecting and recording payments is easy.

Book club-image
Book club

We love to read and talk about books.

TLF magazine-image
TLF magazine

Local news for local peeps